Bank Regulation and Supervision Survey (BRSS) 2019 - 6 Indexes

In our paper "Bank regulation, supervision and liquidity creation", we updated 6 regulation and supervision indexes using the 2019 BRSS by the World Bank and following the methodology by Barth et al. (2004, 2013).

The updated indexes can be downloaded here.

The indexes are Overall Restrictions on Banking Activities, Official Supervisory Power, Financial Statement Transparency, Private Monitoring Index, Capital Regulatory Index and Various Factors Mitigating Moral Hazard.

More information about the surveys can be found here.

If you use the data please cite our paper as follows: Kladakis, G., Chen, L. and Bellos, S.K., 2022. Bank regulation, supervision and liquidity creation. Journal of International Money and Finance, 124.


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